906 hYPe


Meet the dream team that makes it all happen! Our board of directors is committed to working behind the scenes to give you the best 906 hYPe experience possible.

These guys work together tirelessly to organize / host hYPe meetings, set up volunteer events, and make sure that our members' voices and opinions are represented.

They are super committed to the credit union movement and to supporting and lifting up their credit union peers. Katie, Samantha, Dylan, and Courtney love meeting other young professionals and helping them grow and reach their professional goals. 

Meet The Team
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While attending several “Crash” events, Andrea Pepin saw a need for a CU focused Young Professionals group in the Upper Peninsula. In 2015, Andrea brought on Lindsey Benson and Heather Perkins to help found our organization. In 2016, Katie Wilcox and Samantha Brown came on as directors as well.

With all of their combined efforts 906 hYPe was launched, in January 2017, with the goal to connect and engage with CU peers who have the same passion and goals through personal and professional development.

We started small, and reached 20 young professional members in our first year. In 2018, with a lot of restructuring and effort from our 906 hYPe directors, we have reached nearly 80 members!