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Kristin Curtice's journey at Peninsula Federal Credit Union started in 2017. She began as a part-time teller and eventually moved up to full time. She was promoted to Vault Teller within her first year, and is now a full-time Member Service Representative. Kristin has been married for ten years and has two daughters, Madison and Charlie.  She has a dog but is definitely more of a cat person! She has two beautiful kitties, Lily and Minnie. 

Her family owns a cabin on the lake in Stonington, Michigan. If she is not at work, you can find her there May- September soaking up the beautiful scenery. She loves watching her kids play on the beach while she reads a book from her hammock. Her other hobbies include watching the Packers and painting. 

You could describe Kristin as a social butterfly who loves hanging with her family and friends. She loves putting her little loves to bed and binge-watching Netflix. An interesting fact about her is she loves to sing karaoke! 
Hannah Coyne is one of the team members at Peninsula Federal Credit Union. She started her career with PFCU in September 2018 as a part time Teller and became a full time Member Service Representative in January 2019. She truly loves being part of their team and tells anyone that will listen how much she enjoys it!  

Hannah was born and raised in Marquette, MI and moved to Escanaba in 2011. Before working at the Credit Union, she was a stay at home Mom raising her daughter, Elvera, and her son, Griffin, alongside her husband, John. She also has two adopted fur babies in her life, Ruger and Rosie, who complete her home.  

In her spare time, she enjoys dance, being outdoors with her family, and learning new recipes in her kitchen. During the warmer months you can often find her outside on a blanket with her littles staring at the stars. She’s very excited to be attending the UP Chapter as a Crasher and is looking forward to everything she learns. She is hoping to use this new knowledge to continue to grow within the PFCU. 
Brad Bisdorf is currently employed at Chippewa County Credit Union and works in Accounting and the Plastics Department.  

Brad is 26 years old and was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. He graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Kinesiology Degree in 2017. His favorite activities include sports, exercise, and card games. He is the Head Coach for the Lake Superior State University Women’s Club Soccer team. 

Hannah Coyne​​

Brad Bisdorf

Kristin Curtice​​

Leanne Sambrano is going on her third year with Soo Co-op Credit Union. She began her career when she was 20. She started as a teller at the Main branch, and then later relocated to the Kinross branch. Before applying to Soo Co-op, she worked as a sales associate at TJMaxx. When Soo Co-op approached Leanne about a position within the credit union, she was excited to begin her career at a place where she could really grow and serve the community.  
Leanne is married and has three animal children, a dog and two cats. She loves hanging out with them and her friends. She is a known "plant lady", currently has 46 plants in her home, and is constantly bringing more home! Leanne often hosts game nights at her home, and sometimes she even wins! She also does portrait photography as a side hustle.  
Leanne majored in Fine Arts in college and is actually a certified interior decorator. She and her husband bought their first home in 2017 and spend a lot of time remodeling it. Leanne enjoys thrift shopping, Chinese food, tea, and reading. One of her favorite books is Harry Potter, and she is a proud Hufflepuff! 
We are excited she will be joining us at the 2019 Annual Meeting! 
Danielle Moya goes by Dani, and has been employed at Northern United Federal Credit Union for 14 years. She started out as a teller, then became a collections officer, and now she is now a loan officer. Dani has been married to her husband Jeff for 14 years, and has 3 children: her daughter Payton (12 years old), son Jax (7), and youngest son Nolan (3). She also has two cats.  
Dani loves helping others and always tries to make everyone happy. Her favorite thing to do is sit around a bonfire with good company. She is excited to be joining the Crashers at the 2019 UP Chapter Annual Meeting! 

Leanne Sambrano

Danielle Moya​​

Katie Johnson​​​

Jaylene Kenneally started working at Delta County Credit Union in 2008 as a teller. She has held many positions since then, with her most recent position being loan officer. Her favorite thing about working at the credit union is working with members on mortgages and trying to figure out the best fit for each member.  

Jaylene is married to her husband, Kelly. They have two daughters, Isla and Paxton and their dog, Happy. In June, they are due with baby number three. In her spare time, Jaylene enjoys spending time with her family, camping, and spending time outdoors. Baseball is her favorite sport and she loves the Detroit Tigers.
We are excited to have her on our UP Crash team this year! 
Adrienne MacGregor is a teller at Embers Credit Union’s south branch. Adrienne has been working at Embers for over a year. Her favorite part about working at ECU is talking and joking around with regular members, the awesome work environment, and her coworkers.  

In her free time, Adrienne likes to be with family and friends, and she loves to travel. She really enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and loves eating at Vango’s with her mom. Her favorite food is mac and cheese, especially from Panera Bread.  

Adrienne is a sophomore at Northern Michigan University, working towards a major in Business Management and a minor in Spanish. Her dream career is to be management at a credit union, or in a human resources position. Adrienne is looking forward to attending the chapter meeting! 
RayAnn LaFord is a teller at Integra First Federal Credit Union. She is a very friendly person who dedicates  their time to making other people and members happy. RayAnn spends a lot of time with her family and dog Tank. She always has a very busy schedule and even on the weekend she is constantly on the move.

RayAnn never forgets to smile, even on the worst of days. She is very outgoing, enjoys making new friends, and can’t wait to see what this year’s UP Crash has to offer for her future! 

Jaylene Kenneally​​

RayAnn LaFord

Adrienne MacGregor​​

Katie Johnson is a teller with Peninsula Federal Credit Union. She started out as a part time teller and in less than a year became a  full time and is learning vault duties. She enjoys volunteering in her community and meeting new people, and  is eager to further her knowledge at the Credit Union. Katie encourages others to achieve their goals as well.  
Katie has a three-year-old dog named Ellie (who is like her child) and a boyfriend of four years named Travis. She lives in Wallace, MI where she enjoys hunting, gardening and crafting. Katie supports Travis with his logging business and coaching career. She is an avid Packer and Brewers fan and enjoys watching her teams play on TV and in person. 
She is excited to be a part of  906 Hype and be a Crasher at this year’s  2019 Chapter meeting! 

What it's all about.

UP Crashers get exclusive access to the Annual Chapter meeting on April 12-14th. They get the chance to attend the regular scheduled sessions, plus they get access to exclusive private sessions with keynote speakers and CEOs!
The opportunity to "crash" is an incredible experience within its self; however, there are many reasons why over 30 young professionals from the Upper Peninsula have already participated! Crashers get a chance to network with professionals from all credit unions in the Upper Peninsula and access to an abundance of knowledge about the credit union industry. 

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Past Crashers:

  1. 2015 UP Crash
    2015 Crashers
    (Back Row) Lindsey Benson, Kristi Lordson, Andrea Pepin (Crash Leader), Michelle Maki, Sam Tennyson (Front Row) Alyssa LaLonde, Brittany Buckland, Heather Perkins
  2. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 Crashers
    (Back Row) Nicolas Nastoff, Katie Wilcox, Crystal Porior, Courtney Klitzke, Lindsey Benson (Crash Leader), Andrea Pepin (Crash Leader) (Front Row) Jennifer Launderville, Rachael Strand, Kali Katarincic, Samantha Brown, Heather Perkins (Crash Leader)
  3. 2017 Crashers/Crasher Alum
    2017 Crashers/Crasher Alum
  4. 2018 Crashers
    2018 Crashers
    Back Row (Left to Right): Sara Gearhart, Jennifer Gartland, Samantha Brown (Crash Leader), Katie Wilcox (Crash Leader), Samantha DeCremer Front Row (Left to Right): Jean Haulotte, Brooke Bowden, Megan LaPlante, Alli Theoret
  5. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    CEO Panel
  6. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Banquet Dinner
  7. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Breakout Session
  8. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Andrea, Sam, Katie
  9. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Fundraiser Shirts
  10. 2017 UP Crash
    2017 UP Crash
    Quick Selfie!
  11. 2018 UP Crash
    2018 UP Crash
    Stacie VanDenBerghe & Crew
  12. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 UP Crash
    Themed Gear
  13. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 UP Crash
  14. 2016 UP Crash
    2016 UP Crash
    Rachael, Brittany, Heather
Network. Innovate. Learn. Grow.
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